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dr. rodway-norman
Dr. Rodway-Norman, MD., FRCPC Consultant Psychiatrist

Much Needed Mental Health Resource

Dr. Rodway-Norman (also known as Dr. Marissa) is a senior psychiatrist with more than 30 years of clinical experience in assisting people contending with mental health issues.

She has served as a staff psychiatrist in multiple Schedule 1 Hospitals as both Deputy Chief and Chief of Psychiatry. She established the mental health program at the Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital in 2006 and has been instrumental in leading multiple areas of clinical research. These areas include inpatient psychiatry care models, trans-healthcare needs and limitations, and suicide risk – both for hospitalized and discharged psychiatric patients. She is well published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

She has spoken by invitation on hundreds of occasions to fellow physicians; educating colleagues with respect to optimal use of medications and treatments used to help those with depression, anxiety, bipolar mood disorder, and schizophrenia.

Dr. Rodway-Norman was involved as a preceptor role in the rural Ontario Medical Program, serving as an assistant professor for almost 25 years, helping to educate medical students and resident physicians.

Dr. Rodway-Norman has assisted or lead research resulting in the establishment of the North Simcoe Muskoka Trans Health Care Hub of Orillia. She has also spear-headed educational opportunities such that healthcare providers can learn more about trans-medicine. She has served as a research consultant to the Gilbert Centre of Barrie, Laurentian University, and the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health.

She currently offers clinical care through The Brain Health Centre in Orillia Ontario, doing what she loves best; providing the best psychiatric care to her fellow human beings in an empathic way. Her expertise in Trans Medicine is also well-recognized as she continues to offer medical care to the Trans population at her clinic. 

Dr. Rodway-Norman’s personal experiences are extremely valuable to her ability to treat patients with more depth, and gives her an advantage when it comes to understanding patients’ needs.

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